August 24, 2008

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Who Says You Can't Have It All?

image by John Doukoumopoulos, Aegina Island, Greece

Today is my 44th birthday! I am on Aegina island for summer holidays and I was about to capture some deep sky image last night, but I was also thinking that moon light would be quite enough...

Therefore, I was trying to get some sleep... But I was somehow ... nervous, thinking that I am getting older and older...

A couple of hours ago, I got around for a walk and I could not help throwing a glance to the night sky. And there was it. A peculiar view, with a bright moon quarter surrounded by a small halo but at the same time I could easily see all constellations around fully shaped, with very bright stars, even by moon's neighbourhood.

In the end I thought that the sky view was so clear, not disturbed by the moonlight, that I could have even tried to pick some deep-sky images. I tried to capture this view. Of course moon is like a very bright light source in this image, but it is 10 whole seconds capture, where one may see a considerable part of 48x32 degrees of night sky!

Actually it is not a moon image, but an image which shows that moon would not prevent deep sky view, even at a quarter's phase. I hope you like it.

John Doukoumopoulos

Technical Details
Aug 23, 2008 04:30 local (=UTC+3). Canon EOS300D - 18-55lens @18mm - 10sec f/4 ISO400 raw

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