August 22, 2013

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Streaks of Shadows And Rubble

image by Rik Hill

What a sight greeted me when I finally got an early evening clearing in our monsoon storminess. The first thing that caught my eye was the wonderful long shadow from the off-center "central peak" on the floor of Walther (shown as "Walter" in VirtualMoon and Rukl). Notice how non-round this crater is. Just outside Walther to the right is the very strange triangular remnant crater Nonius, badly damaged by the Walther impact. Just to the north of Walther is the relatively recent crater Werner and to its north is Blanchinus. Look at the floor of Blanchinus at this lighting. It is streaked with ejecta from nearby impacts. To the north of this is La Caille with a great shadow stretching halfway across it's floor. The second thing that caught my eye in this scene was the shadow at the bottom pointing towards Stofler. This is the shadow-filled Nasireddin and the shadow it's casting in the sunrise. Note the delicate shading on the floor of Stofler too.

Rik Hill

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