August 21, 2008

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Howard's Atlas

image by Howard Eskildsen

I am always interested in the use of images to present lunar nomenclature - the unending problem of making the perfect lunar map. Howard has taken the straight forward approach of adding names to the image, which generally results in unambiguous identifications but hides some of the surface details. Howard also sent a second image lacking nomenclature, but having two images is usually not possible, especially in a printed document. And as in my previous attempts at labeling an LPOD image, single color fonts end up not always being legible against both dark and light backgrounds. With the availability of quality printers and spiral bindings at Kinkos type photocopy shops it is possible for each observer to make their own unique lunar atlas that addresses their interests. This is a good example of a general purpose map that provides names of main features. I can also imagine an atlas made to help an observer find all known lunar domes, using the GLR dome list and LTVT software to plot each dome (and lat/long grids if wanted) on an observer's own images. Bound up with a strong plastic cover this would be a useful telescope aid. Or if you would like to challenge yourself to observe all Lunar 100 objects, you could plot them on the medium resolution Lunar Orbiter IV images to make a finder atlas. I want to make (and publish) an atlas using the best images accompanied by text describing the most interesting features in each area. This can be constructed sheet by sheet and printed at will to try it out, and when satisfied, be professionally printed. You too can make your own personalized lunar atlas for your own use (and satisfaction) and to share with others. Let me know if you do.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
On image.

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