August 2, 2008

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A Round World

image by Elias Chasiotis, temporarily at Novosibirsk, Russia

Of course we know the Moon is round, nearly spherical, for we see it that way in the sky nearly every day - at least its there if we bother to look. But a solar eclipse is a much more spectacular demonstration with the bright corona radiating out in every direction. Elias and some Greek friends traveled to Novosibirsk, Russia to witness the eclipse of August 1. Elias writes: It was a marvelous eclipse, visible so unexpectedly! For days the weather was unstable and the forecasts disappointing, but just before the eclipse the sky became so clear as if we were not in Siberia! The corona was beautiful, many prominences and large parts of the chromosphere were visible as well as many Baily's Beads.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Bresser Skylux 70mm refractor, Canon EOS 450D.
CAW used Photoshop unsharp mask to enhance coronal structures.

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