August 18, 2022

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Ever New Moon

Originally published September 26, 2012 LPOD-Sep26-12.jpg
image by Maurice Collins, North Palmerston, New Zealand

I observed briefly last night, a little before Maurice captured this image. The terminator was along the west rim of Clavius, but more dramatic was where it was just west of Copernicus, with the crater interior inky black and all the rim illuminated - what a sight. Probably someone somewhere got a photo but I haven't seen it. As I observed, also with a 3" Mak-Cass, I realized that I hadn't seen such a dramatic photo with exactly that lighting. And in fact, every time I am at the eyepiece out under the sky I see things differently than ever before. There is always something that strikes me as remarkable and unexpected. Perhaps it is just early onset Alzheimer, if so as time goes on every observing section will reveal an all new Moon.

Chuck Wood

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