August 16, 2008

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Limb Magic

image by Harald Paleske, Langendorf, Germany

Beyond Bailly, almost (85° W longitude) on the mean limb, is a large crater that is infrequently seen. With a diameter of 149 (or 163 km according to IAU and Rükl, respectively), Drygalski is ~50% larger than Copernicus. The only nearside craters with a relatively fresh classical Copernican look that are bigger are nearby Hausen (167 km) and distant view.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
2008-07-26, 4:42 UT. 408mm Newton f 8, 5 m, DMK 1/30sec. exposure, red filter, stack of 300 frames, 3 picture mosaic; seeing good (7/10)

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