August 14, 2008

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Low Oblique Tour

Apollo 17-159-23930 image from Apollo Image Atlas

Looking like a poor reproduction from a newspaper, this 35-mm image from Apollo 17 still packs a strong scientific wallop. Looking north over the Straits of Fresnel gap between maria Serenitatis and Imbrium, Cassini is over the horizon and the rims of Aristillus and Autolycus catch the first rays of sunrise at upper left. The backside of the northern end of the Apennines make up the mountainous mass on the left, and we see profiles of a few peaks of the Caucasus Mountains on the horizon at top right. At the bottom left of the scene are little-known rilles that are part of the family of concentric rilles that edge Serenitatis lavas, and a previously noticed chain of collapse pits is at the center of the image. Finally, the east-facing curved edge of the Valentine Dome just catches the light at upper right. Fascinating image to have been largely overlooked for 36 years.

Chuck Wood

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