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People have been generous in their comments about our new atlas. Here are some of the comments, minus the names. (If you wrote one of the comments and want to be identified please let me know.)

21st Century Atlas

I found my book waiting for me when I came home this afternoon. Thanks for the quick shipping and for adding your autograph. It's a beautiful book, just the right size to open and study. I like the binding and sturdy pages too. Thanks so much. I love it.
St. Petersburg, Florida
Feb 1, 2013

Atlas Order

Great job on the atlas. The reproduction quality is excellent and the quality of the image selections first rate. And from a functional perspective the spiral binding and heavy stock gloss paper will make it an excellent reference at the telescope. Well done!
Detroit, Michigan
Jan 25, 2013

It came today.

What beautiful work! The back cover is a little biffed, but otherwise it seems perfect. I'm going to go talk about it on Cloudy Nights, where there is a lot of interest and discussion about it. Thank you again. You guys did a great job here.
Jan 18, 2013

in perfect condition

The atlas arrived today in perfect condition, thank you. I can’t wait to sit down and go through it. First impression is that it is an impressive piece of work and designed to be used.
Indiana, USA<br? Jan18, 2013

Atlas Arrived Yesterday

I have seen many books which more or less give a description of what you see, with some added facts such as the diameter of craters or the height of central peaks. After a few pages this becomes extremely boring. The contrast could not be greater to your text: You explain the processes that formed the surface features and how those processes interacted with each other. A fascinating story unfolds which takes the reader through the lunar history. It is clear that only someone like you who devoted most of his career to studying the Moon, and who still has preserved the love for watching the Moon through a telescope, can write such a text. For this I already "devoured" your great book "The Modern Moon", and the new atlas is a great continuation.
Jan 15, 2013

Lunar Atlas a piece of art

I’ve just received my atlas it is a fine piece of art….. with a great resolution of the pictures, and amazing sights. And glossy paper; it is a master piece and I know now that I’m gonna use it everyday . Thanks for this superb book. I never seen a work like this.
Jan 4, 2013

A very practical book indeed

- and a perfect companion to the other atlas (esp. when observing)!
Jan 6, 2013

I received your atlas today.

I can't stop myself start to read your atlas when I unwrapped the packet. It's the atlas that you have dreamed and mentioned years ago. It's informative. The paper and the printing quality is excellent, only the cover is a little bit softer. I am waiting for your next atlas.
Hong Kong
Jan 4, 2013

Good news,

I just received yesterday my exemplary of your 21st century atlas of the Moon that you have signed for me ! Thank you very much, it's really a great pleasure to own it.

I hope you have a lot of orders since this is a real well made beginners Moon Atlas that can make them becoming Moon lovers as us. The maps and pictures are very precise and the texts are always very interesting since they often analyze the origin of the formations. "How to better observe the Moon because you understand it" could be an abstract of your philosphy... which is also mine, but you know it. Be sure that I'll recommand it.
Jan 4, 2012


Just wonderful to use outside next to the scope. Lays nice and flat. Nice organization, and the photos are very useful for observing with 4" scopes. Destined to be classic -- and thanks for the autograph.
Jan 4, 2013

Safe arrival!

This is just a quick note to let you know that the Lunar Atlas’s arrived safely today, well packed and in perfect condition – thank you!

I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through my copy this evening. The marriage of the official orientation of the chart views with overhead, detailed views of individual features is very powerful. I have already learned the places of many features that, even though I knew ‘of’ them, I didn’t previously know quite where they resided – now I do. The excellent cross-referencing of the positions of the features with the maps is very helpful and useful.

All in all, the Atlas is a triumph, and I congratulate you and Maurice on a novel and excellent addition to the lunar atlas sector.
Jan 2, 2013

It's very, very nice.

Thanks and congratulations for such a wonderful work! I especially like that it's loose leaf bound and has coated pages for outdoors work!
Illinois, USA
Dec 30, 2012

I immediately dove into the Introduction

and it is a wonderful read which integrates numerous details into a coherent Big Picture with an enticing rational to get out and observe the Moon. I don't know if it was because I was tired, or the holiday time-of-year, but the passage on the book's most important audience being the "inquisitive public" (those who pick up sea shells and count the seconds following a flash of lightening) was emotional for me. Chuck and Maurice have captured in this brief passage what I have always struggled to communicate to folks who challenge me about why I bother observing the Moon and why they should. "We hope it will enchant you too". YES. Maintaining in adult-hood, a child-like sense of wonder about Nature, is a good thing. Many lunar atlases are dry and boring -- this Atlas engages the reader. Of course the image quality, the selection of features, the layout , spiral binding (yes!), coated pages (Florida humidity!) and content are all first rate. I am anxious to field test this Atlas at the scope. It will be interesting to use a reference Atlas with so many images that vastly exceed what I can see through the eyepiece -- with explanations of not just what is at a specific location -- but why it is there accompanied by interesting tidbits about the feature and its relevance to the Big Geologic Picture. Superb.Congratulations on such a fine Atlas. I have a lot to learn.
Bob O'Connell, Keystone Heights, Florida
Dec 30, 2012

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