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Yep, we made mistakes. Fortunately, Atlas readers are so knowledgeable they are identifying the errors, which will be corrected in a hoped for future edition. In the mean time here are reported errors. Please let me know of additional ones as you discover them! The name of the person spotting the error is given as a badge of excellence!

Typographical errors (lunar nomenclature) detected by Danny Caes (atlas arrived on monday the 21st of january 2013).

  • Page 13 (nearside map): "Deslandes" (without "r") instead of Deslandres.
  • Page 13 (nearside map): "Mare Tranquilitatis" (with 1 "l") instead of Mare Tranquillitatis.
  • Page 15 (chart 1) and Page 102 (Index): "Bernouli" (with 1 "l") instead of Bernoulli.
  • Page 17 (chart 2): "Mare Spurmans" (an unnecessary "r") instead of Mare Spumans.
  • Page 29 (chart 8): "Lacus Somnorium" instead of Lacus Somniorum.
  • Page 35 (chart 11) and Page 102 (Index): "Bobilier" (with 1 "l") instead of Bobillier.
  • Page 39 (chart 13) and Page 107 (Index): "Rabi Levi" (with 1 "b") instead of Rabbi Levi.
  • Page 39 (chart 13) and Page 102 (Index): "Blanchinius" (an "i" too much) instead of Blanchinus.
  • Page 67 (chart 27) and Page 105 (Index): "Kraft" and "Kraft crater chain" instead of "Krafft" (the sudden disappearance of the second "f").
  • Page 69 (chart 28) and Page 104 (Index): "Gerald" (with "l") instead of Gerard.
  • Page 73 (libration chart 2): "Dziewolsky" (an "o" ?) instead of Dziewulsky.
  • Page 74 (libration chart 3) and Page 108 (Index): "Scalinger" (an unnecessary "n") instead of Scaliger.
  • Page 75 (libration chart 4): "Ganswinch" (with "ch" ?) instead of Ganswindt.
  • Page 76 (libration chart 5): "Nasymth" instead of Nasmyth.
  • Page 76 (libration chart 5): "Piltre" (without "a") instead of Pilatre.
  • Page 76 (libration chart 5): "Wargenten" (with "e") instead of Wargentin.
  • Page 77 (libration chart 6): "Vasco da Gamma" (an "m" too much) instead of Vasco da Gama.
  • Page 78 (libration chart 7) and Page 109 (Index): "Zsigmondys" (what's the second "s" for ?) instead of Zsigmondy.
  • Page 78 (libration chart 7) and Page 106 (Index): "McLaughin" (without the second "l") instead of McLaughlin.
  • Page 79 (libration chart 8) and Page 108 (Index): "Scwabe" (without "h") instead of Schwabe.
  • Page 96 (farside map) and Page 100 (S.W. quadrant of farside map): "Heavyside" (an "y" ?) instead of Heaviside.
  • Page 104 (Index): Eichstadt two times mentioned.
  • Page 104 (Index): "Felis" (probably derived from Lacus Risus Felis).
  • Page 104 (Index): Galvani two times mentioned.
  • Page 105 (Index): "Highest Spot on Moon" (somewhere on Farside chart 2 which is the N.E. Quadrant)(now WHERE exactly?).

- According to "NASA - Highest Point on the Moon" at it is near crater Engel'gardt (44km diameter, named after Russian astronomer Vasilij Pavlovich, 1828-1915) at latitude 5.4125 degrees, longitude 201.3665 degrees (altitude 10,786 metres, 35,387 feet above the mean radius) (Richard Mallett).

  • Page 108 (Index): "Smoky Mountain" (according to NASA, it should be Smoky Mountains)(the hills north of Apollo 16's landing site).

Note: The very first part of this list (of detected typos appearing on the charts) was compiled after mere hours of investigating (20 errors). My father could not believe it. He said: "How on earth do YOU know if all of these are errors?".
Danny Caes,
Ghent - Belgium

Other errors (typos and wrong photographs)

  • Page 4: Altai Scarp, misspelled "Atlai Scarp", at lower left in the text. (Danny Caes)
  • Page 5: Mairan T dome, misspelled "Marian" in the second paragraph on the right column. (Howard Eskildsen)
  • Page 28: Image is Eratosthenes, not "Plinius". (Sally Russell)
  • Page 32: Cassini image should be rotated 180º. This is the major error I knew of. (Rob Crow)
  • Page 32: Caucasus Mountains image but incorrect description of the "Alpes"? New text will appear here soon! (Rob Crow)
  • Page 32 (Text and two captions) and Page 33 (map) and Page 102 (Index): "Alpes" should be "Alps" in keeping with English (not Latin) names for mountain ranges. (Dave Chapman)
  • Page 53 (chart 20): Absence of Luna 17's landingsite. Note: the "L17" and + are depicted on the cover! (Danny Caes, october 2013)
  • Page 53 (chart 20): Absence of "T" at the Mairan T dome. Note: the "T" is depicted on the cover! (Danny Caes, october 2013)
  • Page 53 (chart 20) : The text beneath says Sinus Iridum is L21, it should say L14 (Rolf van der Vleuten, November, 2015)
  • Page 57 (chart 22): "luna 5" should be Luna 5 or just L5 (Danny Caes, september 2013)
  • Page 57 (chart 22): Eppinger is not an official IAU name. (Danny Caes, september 2013)
  • Page 62: Byrgius and Byrgius A, misspelled "Bygrius" and "Bygrius A". (Danny Caes, september 2013)
  • Page 64: is it the Arrow or the Arrowhead? (Mons Hansteen) (Danny Caes, october 2013)
  • Page 73: Chart L2 – charts 9, 9, 6 are indicated at left – charts 2 and 3 should be indicated instead, see Page 71. (Sally Russell)
  • Page 77: Chart L6 - indication of Nearside / Farside should be reversed. (Sally Russell)
  • Page 78: Chart L7 - the absence of the name Avicenna (Danny Caes, february 2014)
  • Page 79: Chart L8 – indication of Nearside / Farside should be reversed. (Sally Russell)
  • Page 94: Craters Collins and Aldrin are reversed in the first image. (Frank McCabe)
  • Page 95: Landingsite of Luna 9 is at chart 27, not chart 26. (Danny Caes, october 2013)
  • Page 104: "Grimald", should be Grimaldi (Danny Caes, october 2013)
  • Page 111: the listed publication date of "Volcanoes of North America" is given as the year 1900. For a plus 120 year old man, you sure have aged gracefully. What's your secret? (The correct date is 1990.) (Udo Schlegel)