April 9, 2014

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Sailing Across the Moon

image by Max (last name not provided), Daia, Giurgiu county, Romania.

On the night of April 8 the International Space Station (ISS) passed over the Moon not to far away from my home, at a distance of about 40 kilometers.Together with my wife I drove towards the small town of Daia in the Giurgiu county, Romania. We had the precise time of the passing from the Calsky website. The transit duration was 0.6 seconds (!) over the entire lunar disc, at the center of the transit path, but for us it lasted far shorter, due to our location, and of course the Moon was not fully illuminated.


Technical Details
My frames were acquired with the TS APO 115mm F/7 Refractor working at F/14 with the aid of a 2x TeleVue Powermate. The camera was a Canon 550D working at ISO400 and 1/800s. My wife's frames were acquired with another Canon 550D mounted on a SW 90mm Maksutov telescope.

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