April 7, 2013

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Death Moonrise

image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

I want to publish this image, and it does have the Moon in it so it qualifies to be an LPOD. But I can't think of anything scientific to say about it. I thought of measuring decreasing sky brightness, or commenting on the visibility of buildings depending on the nature of the illumination, but those topics would not provide better understanding of the Moon. So lets just accept that I like this photo and that is enough.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Canon Eos5D MkII and a 16-35 f/2.8 zoom set at 24 mm. The time between the first and the last pictures shown here is 1h and 15 min.
Peter comments: What does not show in the pictures is the biting cold wind that blew on the bridge.
I am probably not the first to discover this fact as this full Moon is called, among other names, "Windy Moon". I have also found "Death Moon" but I managed to get home in time to survive ;-)

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