April 5, 2006

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LPOD Needs Your Images!

LPOD Photo Gallery
image by Chuck Wood

A section of LPOD that has been overlooked by many people is the LPOD Photo Gallery. This is a growing collection of, as of today, 361 images of hundreds of different lunar features. So far 20 people have contributed, including some of the best imagers such as Wes Higgins, Mike Wirth, Eric Roel, Stefan Lammel, Peter Lloyd and Tom Bash. The number 1 contributor, however, is Paolo Amoroso who has submitted 70 Clementine images clipped from Map-A-Planet. Paolo often includes the normal black and white image and the ratio image whose colors immediately identify mare (blue to yellow) and highlands (red) and many mixtures in between. I have also uploaded a number of Lunar Orbiter IV images of odd craters and rilles. This combination of amateur and spacecraft images makes the LPOD Photo Gallery a valuable resource - I often check for an image in the Gallery before googling it, and I have found one image there to use on LPOD. The Gallery will become much more useful as more images are added. So why haven’t you submitted yours? The folks who visit LPOD take thousands of good lunar images which are shown on scattered websites around the Internet, but there is no single place to go and easily find images from multiple sources. The LPOD Photo Gallery can become that place if you submit your images. Give it a try. Its easy. Register and upload. And check out the LPG when you next want something to compare with your latest images. Thanks!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
No technical details…can you tell that I am running out of great lunar images for LPOD?

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