April 4, 2009

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Clementine image labeled by Danny Caes, Ghent, Belgium

East-southeast of Lohrmann A is a curious little swirl which received no (or not much) attention in the past. This little swirl could be a solitary member of the much larger swirl-system known as Reiner Gamma (north-northeast of the depicted swirl above). Reiner Gamma itself has two extensions running northeast and southwest of it, as seen on LAC 56 of Bussey's and Spudis's Clementine Atlas of the Moon. The southwestern extension of Reiner Gamma could be the cause (the "source") of the little swirl. It is observable through common and powerful telescopes; during Full Moon and during the days toward Waning Crescent Moon. Its coordinates are: 1° South/ 61° West. It is not depicted on chart 39 of Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon. Chart 49 of the Times Atlas of the Moon shows a little crater instead of a swirl! LAC 74 of the Clementine Atlas of the Moon shows the little swirl near the photograph's upper margin.

Chuck Wood

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