April 30, 2012

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La Luna En Español

image by Patricio Dominguez Alsonso, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Patricio Dominguez is a 48 year old paleontologist at the Complutense University of Madrid, one of the oldest universities in the world and probably the best in Spain. But Patricio has a scientific fascination that goes far beyond plant and animal fossils to the huge fossil of planetary science, our Moon. Patricio's images of the Moon have appeared in LPOD and now he has created a website, Observación astronómica, to share the Moon, planets, Sun and stars with Spanish-speaking people everywhere. Many of the images are ones that Patricio acquired and annotated. This one identifies the inner and outer rings of the Aestuum impact basin, the ejecta of Eratosthenes, Copernicus secondaries and faults slicing through Imbrium ejecta. Such illustrations are excellent ways to clearly and attractively identify different geologic structures. Patricio also gives lectures about the Moon, and,every year, organizes free field courses and star-parties to entice newbies to a life with the Moon and stars. So the website is inteneded to magnifiy his impact, bringing to Spanish speakers the kinds of Moon and space lore that is widely available on English sites. Take a look at Observación astronómica and wish Patricio well - in English or Spanish.

Chuck Wood

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