April 27, 2012

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Slender Sliver

image by Dmitry Makolkin

A young Moon is always a pleasure to observe, but rarely do I see it well enough to actually identify craters in the slim sliver. Dmitry has captured a 4% iluminated crescent in good seeing, allowing many craters to be clearly identified. I have marked a few prominent ones just to help anyone who wants to find their way around. Probably few people knowingly observe Behaim or Ansgarius because if you look at this region at all it is to see Humboldt, which is big and has rilles and maria patches. The less famous craters near the limb are becoming the last unknowns on the Moon.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Technical details: 24 March 2012. Phase: 0.04; Imaging time: 16:03 - 16:23 UT.
Scope: TAL-250K. Camera: DMK 31AU03.AS. Filter Baader Green + UV-IR block.
Processing: Registax 6, 400/1200. Deconvolution Lucy-Richardson, curves, gamma

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