April 27, 2009

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Yesterday's News (Cosmic Edition)

image by Jordillo Pinazo, Malaga, Spain

The mark of a good writer is to be able to say something new all the time. Check my two previous comments on the Moon and Pleiades with a gibbous Moon and with noctilucent clouds. A beautiful sight is joy enough, words sometimes just get in the way.

Chuck Wood
And thanks to others who submitted their views of this multi-object conjunction.

Technical Details
26 April 2009, 21:40 local time; Baader ED 66/400 (F6) scope with Pentax Istds, ISO 200, 4<>7 second exposure; 12 best of 150 photos combined with Registax and Photoshop.

Yesterday's LPOD: Leaks

Tomorrow's LPOD: Sky Candy


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