April 26, 2005

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More Spectacular Flows in Imbrium



Image Credit: K.C. Pau

More Spectacular Flows in Imbrium

The lava flow in Mare Imbrium shown in a recent LPOD is the most conspicuous, but not the only flow, and certainly not the longest one. KC Pau has now provided yet another astonishing image of Imbrium lava flows. In this highly stretched image, flow #1 (see mouseover) is the flow shown previously, and #2 is a slightly older, and much longer one, that still has well-preserved margins. Flow #3 also has a identifiable margns, but #4 is only definable because of the texture difference to its right. Flows appear to emerge from two low ridges which may be the fissure vents that fed the flows. The lava flows are estimated from crater counts to be possibly only 2.5 b.y.old, much younger than most of the lava flows in Imbrium and elsewhere on the Moon. These flows have never before been photographed so distinctly from Earth! WOW!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
April 18, 2005. 10" f/6 Newtonian + 5X barlow + Philips Toucam Pro. Seeing was 6/10.

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Author & Editor:
Charles A. Wood



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