April 21, 2008

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A Forgotten Corner

image by Stephen Sharpley, Melbourne, Australia

Limbs are hard to navigate because all the features are squeezed together by foreshortening. Here is a handy guide to the infrequently observed (judged by how few LPOD submissions I receive) north-west limb. Although Stephen acquired this image during a favorable libration, the 90° longitude meridian passes through Hermite and Cremona, so we are only seeing a little beyond the mean limb. But this is an unfamiliar area; probably few of us can identify any craters beyond Pythagorus and twin-peaked Philolaus. I hadn't seen the flat floor of Hermite before and didn't realize that SylvestEr was such as sharp crater. Now that we have seen an overview of this forgotten corner of the Moon perhaps there will be more detailed images.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
March 1, 2008. Mewlon 250 + DMK 21AF04.AS + Astronomik G filter
This is another image submitted to the LPOD Photo Gallery by Stephen, but I do not have his email address and can't find it online. So he has now had 2 LPODS and may not even know about. Stephen, if you are out there please accept my thanks for the images, and send me your address!

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