April 21, 2007

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Repackaging the Moon

image by Stefan Lammel, Uxbridge, England

The crescent Moon is poorly configured for layout on a computer screen. It is vertical and thin, with lots of wasted space on either side. If reproduced at large scale, the image takes too much scrolling to see it all, and if reduced to one screen height it loses the detail that makes it interesting. LPOD has now solved this problem of the crescent Moon’s poor height-to-width ratio by rationally repackaging it to fit modern monitors. There is overlap, even if slight, between each section, and it is easy to see the main features and even some of the more obscure ones. For example, can you locate these (from top to bottom): the Geminus-Berosus rim of the Crisium Basin, two mare ridge inner rings of that basin, Mare Smythii, Petavius ejecta, Lyot’s smooth surface, and Gill’s inkspot of nothingness? The S&T Field Map of the Moon is a great resource to find these features.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
19 April, 2007, 19:34 UT. 7″ f8 Newtonian.

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