April 2, 2013

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Treasure Hunting

image by Howard Eskildsen, Florida

Sometimes when I see the fantastic photography being done by others with larger scopes, the thought occurs: why bother with my little scopes? The answer always lies in the results and in the discovery of new (to me) sights and re-discovery of formerly-familiar ones. Yesterday morning weather, time, and seeing allowed me to go treasure hunting on the Moon again after a long dry spell. I was delighted to find the Leibnitz mountains in profile creating a saw-toothed southern rim. Many other treasures were discovered as well, to be sent as time permits. I think I have the peaks labeled correctly with the Schröter letters and Whitaker designations in parentheses. Danny Caes corrected the spellings. Note: "treasure hunting" is my term for going out to observe not really knowing what to expect, as opposed to going out with a "hit list" of pre-determined observations.

Howard Eskildsen

Technical Details
Am using Registax 6 for the first time per tutorial from Sky and Telescope's Sean Walker and the results are much better than I had anticipated.

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