April 19, 2012

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A New Treasure

cover and sample plate from KC Pau, Hong Kong

It is a cause for celebration whenever a new lunar atlas appears, and especially so when the author is the gifted imager KC Pau. KC's excellent views of the lunar surface are well known to LPOD visistors for they capture fine details that are little known or even unknown.The cover image attracts the eye because of the dramatic lighting of Sinus Iridum, but the bottom right quadrant includes the famous young Imbrium lava flows that KC's images made known to amateurs. The 119 plates in this atlas cover most but not all areas of the nearside, often with multiple views under different lighting conditions. For example, there are 5 dramatically different views of the Straight Wall, including the mare crease southwest of Lassell (Plate 69) that KC brought to the attention of modern observers. KC does image the highlands but it is the maria that he loves. The Photographic Lunar Album does not include nomenclature so it is not a typical refernce atlas, but you will want it as a reference to the highest imaging standards to compare your own images and observations with. I am pleased to add this album to my lunar collection, and you will be too.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
The Album is available directly from KC for US$16 or 12 euros plus postage. Email him.

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