April 19, 2004

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Elger's Journal - or Goodacre's?


Image Credit: C.A. Wood

Elger's Journal - or Goodacre's?

Thomas Gwyn Elger (LPOD Mar. 28) was the first director of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association. He published a monthly lunar column in The Observer and published occasional reports of the Section. He kept a journal called The Moon - Observations, Notes and Sketches, November 1897-8- to... in a bound blank page book. When I first stumbled on this journal I thought it was Elger's and all the drawings were his own. Then I saw that most had other observers' names nearby and I realized that this was a record of observations by various members of the BAA Lunar Section. Not having a digital computer nor contributers submitting images by email Elger had copied all the drawings into the journal. This page (#142) shows Plato observations by Molesworth, Davis, Attkins and Bridger. And then I noticed the dates of the observations in the book ran from the 1880s to about 1903. Oops! Elger died in 1897! So this journal - which has no author's name anywhere - can't Elger's! It probably is Walter Goodacre's (LPOD Mar. 6) - the second director of the Lunar Section, and in fact, some published articles written by Goodacre are taped in among the drawings. So, I now assume that its Walter Goodacre's journal of submissions to the Lunar Section! Does anyone know?

Chuck Wood

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