April 14, 2013

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Don't Hold the Olive

image by Jon Bosley, Central Texas

This is the most accurate depiction of the color of the Aristarchus Plateau that I have seen in an image. Many years ago I visually observed a very similar coloration at full Moon, an olive tone, but haven't noticed it since. The distribution of this olive hue is the same as the pyroclastic deposit often depicted as red in false color images shot through filters in different parts of the spectrum. Jon's image is simply the natural colors that he has enhanced. I noticed that Jon's DFK camera blocks the near infrared, which many do not, so perhaps its depiction of color is more like the human eye.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
8/12/2012. Telescope: Celestron Edge HD 9.25; Mount: Orion EQ-G; Camera: DFK21au618.AS; Televue 2.5x Powermate

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