April 12, 2018

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Postcards From the Lucky

Originally published December 2, 2008 LPOD-Dec2-08.jpg
images (from top left clockwise) by Elias Chasiotis, Greece; Con Athanasiou, Australia; Tamas Ladanyi, Hungary; and Panagiotis Nikolakakos, Greece

It was cloudy here in West Virginia. But at least four photographers were fortunate to have pure skies and share their beautiful views of the December 1 conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Moon. Here is what they say:
Elias: A dreamy trip to Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, for the occultation of Venus, as well as for visiting the majestic Valley of the Temples, the greatest complex of ancient Greek temples in the world. In this photo you see the most brilliant of them, the 2500 year old temple of Concordia together with the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. And the occultation was marvellously seen, as the weather was completely clear!
Con: Smileyface conjunction over Yarra Yarra Golf Club, Melbourne.
Tamas: Amazing view over the Lake Balaton: Venus just before its occultation, Moon with Earthshine and Jupiter. There is a small town Siofok in the background.
Panagiotis:: No words provided, nor perhaps needed!

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Elias: None
Con: Canon 10D with 24-85 zoom lens set at 24mm, 2 second exposure at f4.5 and iso 400; 8.18pm Monday 1st. December 2008.
Tamas: Canon 450D, Canon 24-70 L f/2,8 objective at 24 mm, f/5,6, iso 800, 4 sec.
Panagiotis: Canon 450 d, iso 400, f/18, 30sec, 12-1-08 18:50.

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