April 10, 2012

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Spitz Mtns

image by Philip Morgan

Situated some 65 kilometres to the north of the outer northern glacis of Archimedes, the entire range is some 60 kilometres in length, and is probably the remains of a once fine inner Imbrium mountain ring. Despite the fact that none of the individual peaks attain a height of over 1,500 metres, at both sunrise and sunset some of these cast very fine spires of shade, and on this occasion they were seen spreading some 65 kilometres (about 40 miles) to the west of the range. Just immediately to the west of the Montes Spitzbergen is a fine broad flat-topped wrinkle ridge which gently meanders down to the 12 kilometre crater Kirch, and then continues on its northern journey almost as far as the Mons Pico.

Philip Morgan

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