October 3, 2021

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Map of the Moon

Originally published December 4, 2011 LPOD-Dec4-11.jpg
Lunar Map by Maurice Collins Using LRO WAC mosaic and Topo color mosaic. Click on image for a full-sized version.

Over the past few months I have been working on creating this Map of the Moon (fullsize is 5350x5350px image, 4.56MB in size) using the LRO nearside mosaic combined with the new WAC color shaded relief maps just released by the LROC team. The labels have all been added by hand over the past few months, guided by LTVT nomenclature and other atlases. The color shading of the WAC I think gives more information than the straight grayscale image and depicts the elevations just as in the color shaded relief but now with more details on the surface thanks to the underlying WAC mosaic. There is some loss of information in the shadows however. The insert shows is an almost full-sized view of what the map shows in the Apennine region. I am hoping it will be of use to amateur astronomers and lunar geologists for a quick reference to the major craters and features on the Moon.

Maurice Collins

Technical Details
Created in Photoshop CS-4 by using the Grayscale WAC_GL_000 mosaic changed to RGB and overlaid with the Color shaded topo and using blending mode "colour". Labels added with text tool.

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