April 20, 2022

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An Eclipse To Come

Originally published June 5, 2012

image by Matthew Wastell, Paddington, Brisbane, Australia

This image arrived in the LPOD mailbox yesterday with no information attached other than the sender's name. The date of June 6 on the image suprised me for the eclipse occured June 4th. Matt's email address ends with .au so I assume he lives in Australia, but the eclipse day was still the 4th there. So it is a typo, but the 9 images are a wonderful documentation of the progress of the Moon through the edge of Earth's shadow.

Chuck Wood
PS - I got Matt's general address from a posting he made that showed up in a Google search.

Technical Details
Meade LX90 8" and Nikon D3100 camera – exp 1/250secs ISO 200.

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