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More Lights in the Sky

Originally published February 22, 2010 LPOD-Feb22-10.jpg
image by Chris Kotsiopoulos, Athens, Greece

A number of readers have sent nice images of the Moon plowing its way through the Pleiades - a view we have enjoyed before. I selected this image by Chris because it gives a perspective of time that a single image doesn't. And it shows both details on the Earth-lit Moon and some properties of the far background stars. Some are reddish and some have close companions. An aircraft flew past the Moon during one of the images and Chris used that view in another version of the Moon's transit of the cluster.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
18/7/2009 2:57:49 - 6:11:44. Skywatcher ED 80 + Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi. Shutter Speed 10 sec to 1/60 sec. f/7.5
ISO 400 to 100. Approximately 40 shots were taken at 5 minute intervals with the Moon as a reference point.

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