June 20, 2019

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A Matter of Time

Originally published March 8, 2010 LPOD-Mar8-10.jpg
image by Nick Smith, La Palma, Canary Islands.

How many events do you see? The rim of Archimedes is partly draped over the hilly and rilled terrain in the foreground, which must be older. Sometime after Archimedes formed, Imbrium mare lavas flooded the outside of the crater and lavas somehow rose up under it to cover the floor. As the mare lava cooled and subsided, sinking into a smaller volume of the basin, low angle faulting made the circular ridges. Since the time of mare flows, small impacts have continued to occur, pitting the floor of Archimedes and everywhere else.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
August 13, 2009. C14, Infinity 2-1M camera

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