June 17, 2019

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Bringing the Moon Indoors

Originally published March 5, 2010

image by François Doussoux, Paris, France

Sometimes it is just too much trouble to go out side to observe the Moon. Or it is too cold, or there are too many mosquitos. I don't know if these were factors influencing François, but he simply points his telescope out an open window and projects the Moon onto his ceiling. I can imagine sitting on the couch, comfortably leaning back to enjoy a very large full Moon little more than an arm's reach away, with Dubussy's soothing Clair de Lune playing in the background. I have a simple prism sitting on a window ledge in my living room and am delighted to have a smeared spectrum slowly move across my ceiling, think how much more entrancing it would be to have the Moon on the ceiling. Perhaps there is a business opportunity to sell window-mounted small telescopes that automatically track the Moon or the Sun as they move across the sky.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details:
03/28/2010. Pentax k10d @ 18 mm and 400 iso, 15 seconds exposure. Moon image with Newtonian 200 mm diameter equiped with a 24 mm eyepiece.

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