July 24, 2020

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A Basin Quest

Originally published February 10, 2011 LPOD-Feb10-11.jpg
image by Philippe Tosi, FRANCE-Nîmes

Near the middle of this scene is an ill-formed smooth area, not as dark as the Lacus Spei mare material at upper right. The light-hued material has a name, Lacus Temporis, and occupies the central area of a 350 km wide depression. At least that is what LPOD reported in 2004, and there have been little additional analyses of this putative small impact basin. But Harry Hiesinger and his crater-counting colleagues have estimated that the lavas of Lacus Temporis erupted between 3.62 and 3.74 b.y. ago. I imagine that the new LRO topographic data can much better define the size and depth of the supposed basin that in 2006 was defined by the relatively coarse Clementine data. I imagine that by tomorrow LPOD readers/contributers will have derived new information about this possible depression. Is there a Temporis Basin?
Chuck Wood

Technical Details
9 Feb, 2011. C.14 + DMK camera/7.5 img/s + registax 5 + CS2

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