July 1, 2008

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LPOD, Version 4.0

70 days of recent LPODs - what will the future hold?

Welcome to a new incarnation of LPOD!

This is the 4th version of LPOD since the beginning on Jan 1, 2004. The relocation and redesign are in response to comments by many faithful LPOD participants.
1. One concern was that LPOD was buried within the massive The-Moon Wiki, making it difficult to find and use. I have created this new stand-alone version of LPOD that hopefully will be as easy to use as earlier versions. Starting today, the "LPOD" link on the-Moon Wiki will redirect you here, but you may want to change your LPOD bookmark to the new and simpler: www2.lpod.org (be careful NOT to include the July 1 date in the URL in the browser window - otherwise you will always go to the July 1 LPOD!)
2. A second expressed concern was that adding comments was a nuisance because it was necessary to register and then write on the LPOD page, which was a little scary because of possible accidental damage to LPOD itself. In LPOD Version 4, comments are entered by clicking the Discussion tab at the top of the page, almost like sending an email. It's still necessary to sign in to post a comment but if you registered for LPOD Version 3 you are OK for this new LPOD -- and if you don't have a Wikispaces screen-name yet, waiting for an approval is no longer necessary. Clicking the Discussion tab switches between this page and the Discussion one, much like in a modern tabbed browser. If you want to to write your comment while viewing the LPOD image and text, you can open a second browser window. Give it a try
3. An insightful comment to the June 27 LPOD said: A barely perceptible rille won't capture most people's imagination whether it has been photographed before, or not. This is true. Most visitors to LPOD probably aren't excited by the minutia the way I am. The new LPOD will include more images of Copernicus, Plato, Tycho, etc because they will be new and dramatic for many visitors. And I will continue to include images of hardly known things!
4. Version 4.0 of LPOD is meant to be easier and better for you. Please let me know what you think and what needs to be changed to work better. And LPOD always needs your exceptional images! Thanks.

Chuck Wood
Thanks to Jim Mosher for helping with the transition!

Yesterday's LPOD: Tunguska And the Moon

Tomorrow's LPOD: Inside Orientale


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