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A Second Front

Originally published October 13, 2009 LPOD-Oct13-09.jpg
image by Pavel Presnyakov, Kiev, Ukraine

The lunar Alpes are a lumpy deposit of debris laid over a frustratingly difficult to interpret earlier surface. I know that with the right images - like this one - and a careful eye, that patterns can be seen that will allow deciphering the history of this region. I can see patterns but haven't figured out the interpretation yet. The Alpine Valley (with its delicate inner rille) is right at a break of the Alpine front - the tall mountains edging into Mare Imbrium. This image suggests a second front marked by the line of brightest, but lower peaks in the Alpine rubble. There is a rough line of mare ponds in front of the peak line, suggesting it may indicate a fracture that allowed maria lavas to reach the surface. To the north (left) of the Valley the second front is continued by two or three much larger massifs, and in fact, there are many more large mountains on that side than the nearside - wonder why? Just at the top left of the image is the east end of the Archytas Rille, which continues eastward as a crease, being almost completely buried by Frigois lavas. But if you look closely you can see ghostly hints of its northern edge.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
10.10.2009 01:08 UT Kiev Ukraine
350 mm newtonian + barlow 5x Vac-135, b/w 1280x1024 500 frames from 10,000 in AviStack and Registax.

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