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starsplitter said ...

23 May 2015

Dr. Wood,

Thank you for coming up with the Lunar 100 list. It will never grow old. As new observers of the Moon come along, even those not born yet, the Lunar 100 list will always be used to learn and find their way around the Moon with a telescope.

I must confess I haven't observed all the features on the list. I have observed the Alpine Valley but have ever been disappointed that I have not observed the rille down the middle of it. It's supposed to be a test object for an 8" telescope, but I have had no luck. Do you suppose I could use this reason to talk my wife into letting me purchase a larger telescope?

I also as yet have not been successful in observing no.99, Ina, but I'll keep trying.

Thanks again, Ron

--Starsplitter (talk)

Chuck Wood said ...

24 May 2015


I can never see the Alpine Valley Rille or Ina - but I observe with 6" and 4" scopes. I have an 8" (Tal 200) but it is too heavy to use more than once-twice/yr. It is amazing that these L objects can be photographed with 6" telescopes! As for arguing with your spouse - you are on your own - I just say, "Yes, dear."

--Chuck (talk)