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starsplitter said ...

21 May 2015

The LROC news site has an anaglyph (blue/red 3D) showing the impact melt of the crater Messier. Here's a link to the site in case your not familiar with it: Click on the image to get some additional images.

Here is an LROC interactive 3D image of both Messier and Messier A that you can play with if your computer browser will let you. I use Google Chrome. Here's the image:

Also zooming in to the NAC images of Messier and Messier A shows some really wild terrain.


--Starsplitter (talk)

chuck Wood said ...

23 May 2015

Thx, Ron, for these good links. I don't know how many folks are looking at these old LPODs, but I hope some are, and are going to the links you often provide for views that are 10 years more modern!

--Chuck (talk)