September 6, 2008

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Kids & the Moon

some good examples of Moonbooks for kids

Observing the Moon is a perfect way to engage kids in scientific inquiry. The Moon is in a different place every night (and day), and it changes its shape and brightness too. Observations by eye, binoculars and small telescope reveal increasingly complex worlds to explore. Many fiction and non-fiction books exist for kids that describe the Moon. Some are excellent and others are full of errors. To help become aware of and hopefully sort through them, Andrew Martin has started a Children's Books page on the Moon Wiki. Please feel free to add books you recommend, and especially ones you don't! You can add books to the lists, and/or add comments about them. In fact, lets give the books stars as a reviewer's summary of quality. I have only reviewed one kids' Moonbook on LPOD and I rate it as 5 stars! I have been encouraged by a teacher to start a kid's version of LPOD which could have classrooms of users all across the country. Until that happens, the Children's Books page will provide some guidance to parents, aunts and uncles.

Chuck Wood

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