October 18, 2014

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Big Plain

image by Luc CATHALA, Vaucluse FRANCE

Luc's grand image of Deslandres, or Hell Plain as it was once known, reminded me of my previous wonderment if the large feature was actually a small multi-ring basin. With a diameter of 227 km it is quite a bit smaller than the Grimaldi (440 km) and even the Schiller-Zucchius (335 km) basins. But under some lighting there are hints of a remnant inner ring. Most images don't add much evidence to the inner ring guess, however there is another way that ancient basins are sometime revealed - they are deep. Deslandres itself is relatively shallow, and its central area is actually higher than many parts of its edges. Topographically there is no evidence that it is a two-ringer. But when you consider Clavius (231 km) and Lacus Mortis (159 km), being just a large crater is pretty good company to be in.

Chuck Wood

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