May 23, 2013

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Another Go At Scheiner

top image by Jose Cabello and bottom from LRO QuickMap

When looking at Jose's new mosaic of the south polar region I noticed the odd curved ridge (arrow) on the south side of Scheiner's floor. This looked familiar and checking the Moon Wiki entry for Scheiner I found that I had discovered the ridge at least twice earlier! First, was in 2007 and the second time was just a year ago. Both times I sought unsuccessfully for a reasonable interpretation. And since there were no comments for either LPOD, nobody else must have had a good idea. But now I have a suggestion that is good enough to close the file on Scheiner's mysterious ridge. If you look closely at the LRO image you will notice a smaller parallel ridge closer to the center of the floor, and squashed by the fresh crater Scheiner A. I propose that these two ridges are the sides of a basin secondary crater chain with about 6 craters. As I wrote in an earlier LPOD (with a different interpretation) these craters seem to have been partially covered by the smooth material on Scheiner's floor; probably ejecta from the Orientale basin. The only minor weakness to this new interpretation is that the putative chain doesn't seem to be radial to any basin.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
13/05/22 20:54UTC. C11, dmk21au618 e IR-Pass685nm.

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