December 3, 2014

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A Giant Messier

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Messier and Messier A link from text above

IMPORTANT COMMENT: It has been suggested by a couple of people that rerunning the 11 years of LPOD, starting Jan 1, 2015, would be a way to present a (relatively) new LPOD everyday. Very few people have been with LPOD since day 1, so for many people it would indeed be new. For long-time viewers it would be a gentle reminder of a scene and science from long ago. This is a good idea, IF SOMEONE CAN WRITE A SCRIPT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. It would be troublesome because LPOD was produced on three different platforms so that three scripts would be necessary, but not immediately. If someone would be interested in volunteering to consider doing this programming I would be glad to exchange information - send me an email. Thx,

Yesterday's LPOD: Color Moon Map

Tomorrow's LPOD: Buried and Textured


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