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I've been an amateur astronomer since 1962 at age of 16. Now in 2020 approaching 75 years of age, my zeal for observing is tempered by declining energy. My interests have varied from telescope making and visual observing to astrophotography and electronically assisted astronomy (EAA). Now I'm mostly a visual observer. But special events like Comet Neowise or the 2020 apparition of Mars will get me back into observing photographically. My short term goals are to become more comfortable observing with my new 20X65 Oberwerk Deluxe binoculars. But EAA is a real interest too, since it is a hybrid visual & photographic form of observing. This allows me to observe from home under Bortle 5 skies, without time consuming trips to a dark site. My telescopes of choice are a Celestron-11 with AT115EDT triplet refractor riding on top with Losmandy G11 Gemini-1 mount.