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I have been an observer since maybe 1995 when my friend with a dime-store telescope showed me Orion's sword. A week later I bought my first telescope! Many years and many scopes later I have been cured of bigger-is-better syndrome: large diameter scopes are for younger guys!

In Tucson we astronomers brought our viewing gear to the curbside for trick-or-treat. I so remember a four-year-old trying to see the full moon in the eyepiece of my 10-inch Dob. His little face was inches from mine when at last he moved to just the right spot: "Mommy!! Awesome!!", he exclaimed.

Today, I hope to recapture that moment many times with my Observatorio Mariposa: as the guest speaker at public viewing night, showing lunar highlights on my PC followed up by hands-on viewing with 4-5 mounted binoculars. Maybe we'll take a peek through my Televue 60 or ETX 90/125.

Whomever appears most excited gets the door prize: a pair of binoculars or, a Celestron First Scope.

For sidewalk observing I bring out my heavy artillery: Nagler 31mm, Nagler Takahashi, solar filter and bino mount!