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Bill said ...

7 September 2015

Taruntius looks oval shaped instead of round. Is it really oval? And there seems to be a breach in the crater wall at 6 p.m. Did a small amount of material flow through the breach?

--Regolith (talk)

starsplitter said ...

7 September 2015

Here is a view from above Taruntius. Though their is a dip in the crater wall to the south, the line tool on the LROC site shows there is still a significant height in the crater wall to prevent any flow of material from outside the crater. You can check it out yourself on the link below. The line tool which will give you profiles of the terrain is in the upper right corner of the screen view. Click the tool icon (wrench) and select the lines making an angle, then you can draw on the image anywhere you would like to see a profile of the surface. (double click at the end of the line you've drawn to see a profile with elevations)

link to LROC quick map:


--Starsplitter (talk)