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Comments on "February 23, 2015"

starsplitter said ...

24 February 2015

It's a little late to post this but here is a great link to Don Wilhelms" Geological History of the Moon:

I just did a quick take of the Crater Materials Section and it looks fantastic! It also has some great Lunar resources links at the bottom of the page. This book could keep one busy for a long time and it's all online. I am also reading Don Wilhelms' book To A Rocky Moon which is a very interesting book on the Lunar geology that took place during the U.S. space program. Explaining why we picked up rocks and just didn't land set up a flag, take a few pictures, and leave.


--Starsplitter (talk)

Chuck Wood said ...

25 February 2015

Those two books are probably the most informative about lunar science. Still good science even though we have much new data!

--Chuck (talk)