September 24, 2009

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Happy Trails


image by Miguel Claro, Capuchos, Portugal

From Thursday afternoon till Friday morning my wife and I will be on a plane - like one of these blinking across Miguel's sky. We travel because of the Moon - to give a talk at the 2009 Shannonside Astronomy Club Burren Chuck Wood</em>
Remember - no LPODs for the next 5 days unless someone else posts them! If you are addicted, check out the visual index of the last 600 or so LPODs!

Technical Details
Sept 21, 2009. Canon 400D, 30 images, each 30 seconds exposure, starting at 20:25 and ending at 20:47 with total time of 22minutes. Miguel setup the camera with an aperture of F-4.5, ISO 400 with a 34mm lens. Later, he combined them all manually, in Photoshop CS3 to produce a single image with the path of the Moon.

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