October 14, 2012

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Tilted Sliver

image by Howard Eskildsen, Ocala, Florida

I saw this Moon this morning, looking out my living room window, and Howard captured it. Of course, it was only part way up the eastern sky and laying on its back - it could securely hold all the liquid in nearby clouds that threatened my view. Visually and with a small scope the 27.5 day old crescent is a delight, but displaying slim slivers on a monitor yields either a small view with unseeable details or a monumental wide and quite short closeup. To provide both perspectives more conveniently I've enlarged and sliced the cresent in two, rotated to northish up (spilling out any moisture), and added an entire sliver for esthetic enjoyment. North up allows easier comparison with maps. Can you pick out Einstein?

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Oct 13, 2012, 11:05 UT. 6" f/8 refractor (Explore Scientific Lens) + IR and V-block filters + DMK 41AU02.AS + Losmandy GM8 mount + JMI Electric Focuser; 3 image composite.

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