October 11, 2021

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Sucking Up the Sea

Originally published December 12, 2011

time lapse video by Miguel Claro, Portugal

Here we see the crescent Moon in the Sagittarius constellation, while it was setting behind the horizon. The Moon shows a strong Earthshine effect, for being just 9% directly iluminated by the Sun. As we watch the moonset, we notice that by the influence of the the Moon gravity, the tide goes down. The time lapse was taken in Costa da Caparica beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Miguel Claro

Technical Details
27/11/2011 between 18h41 and 19h39. Canon 50D- ISO640 f/3.5 Exp. 10" 50mm lens. Sequence of 319 images, each one of 10 seconds.

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