May 27, 2022

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Balancing Act

Originally published July 4, 2012 LPOD-Jul4-12.jpg
image by Peter Rosén, Stockholm, Sweden

The light here up in the north gets quite magical during the periods around the full Moons of July and August partly due to the Moon's low position in the sky and also that it never gets entirely dark. I caught this person crossing Västerbron, one of Stockholm's many bridges. Like most people nowadays he is connected to his iPhone 24/7 but seems completely unaware that he is balancing the full Moon on his head.

Peter Rosén
CAW NOTE: At full res the iPhone wires can be seen in Peter's image. I (CAW) just got a new telescope today - a 4" f/11 refractor. Been trying to outwait twilight, haze and scattered clouds. First light was Arcturus, then tiny Mars, and finally Saturn. Excellent contrast. Tight, round stars. Moon still so low and so far east I can't see it yet...

Technical Details
July 3, 2012. Canon Eos5D MkII with a 70-200/f2.8 zoom and a 2x teleextender at 400 mm.

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