May 25, 2022

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Sculpture, Delicate And Coarse

Originally published July 2, 2012 LPOD-Jul2-12.jpg
image by Stefan Buda, Australia

Herschel, William, not Caroline nor recently, these are the pieces of the surface that remained after topography perpendicular to the path of a mega-hurricane like blast of debris was eroded away. Most of the surface was sculpted at a small scale, but the elongated shadowed trough, the informal Gyldén Valley of overlapping craters, is a larger momento of the basin-forming impact. The smooth material that covers the floor of Ptolemaeus must have been emplaced after the sculpting debris rushed by for its surface isn't gouged by it. Most researchers believe that this is also Imbrium ejecta, a more fluid phase, that came later. It is remarkable that a kilometer or so of this smooth stuff accumulated on the floor of Ptolemaeus (and a lesser thickness in Alphonsus) but didn't cover the more delicate sculpted terrains.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Jan 15, 2012. 16" Four panel mosaic with Dall-Kirkham telescope at f/24 + DMK21AU04 camera + red filter. Processed with Registax6 and Iris.

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