May 23, 2021

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A Classic View

Originally published October 4, 2011 LPOD-Oct4-11.jpg
image by Tim Stone

You point your scope at the Moon and slip in an eyepiece that fills the field of view with the entire world. This is why we observe and don't jut look at spacecraft photos. Seeing nearly the first quarter, from Plinius to Smythii, from pole to pole gives a view of all the terrain types the Moon offers. Crater upon crater highlands, ridges curving through maria, the huge Altai mountainous basin rim, Atlas, Posidonius, Taruntius, Theophilus, rilled Janssen, dark-splotched Petavius, 8 basins, rays and giant secondary chains, and so many more marvelous sights. I drink it in and hope for a clear night.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Oct 2, 2011. Meade 5" Achromat, a Nikon D200, 300 frames aligned, stacked, and wavelet processed with Registax, final touchup with FocusMagic.

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