May 14, 2020

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A Perfect View

Originally published December 1, 2010 LPOD-Dec1-10.jpg
image by Jordillo, Montserrat Pinazo/Malaga, Spain

This is one of the most wonderful views you can see through an eyepiece. I always start observing with a low power view of the entire Moon, just as Jordillo has captured here. I look to see what is showing up along the terminator for later high power examination. And then I look a little further into the bright zone, to see features that will be great to observe with about 30° lighting. Finally I scan the limb to see what features - such as the Orientale dark mare patches - lean our way. Then I put in a shorter focal length eyepiece and repeat the process.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
WO-FLT98, camera Pentax istDS, mount eq6pro, 2 photos iso 200 1/60s registax apiled, photoshop and photofiltre final process.

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